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help me out!!!

hi! All !!
i am a beginner in xml and i would like to know the pro's and con's of xml when compared with Databases.
Like, for example i have an application where in user's login to the application and it takes them through a series of screens and only in the last screen,when he press the save button the data should be stored in the database.
question1: every time a userlog's in he has to be authenticated with the corresponding details in the database,can we use xml for a better performance in this scenario
question2:  can we handle data connectivity issues with the xml technology.if yes how?!
question3: the details filled in each screen should be stored in a xml file and should be committed to the database only after the last screen. how can we do this?!
question4: if there r any good sites which can help me to understand these issues, do let me know.
it will be a great help to me if anyone of you can through some light on these issues.
Thanks and Regards,