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XML DevCon 2001 (London) -- submit schemas and stylesheets

There are only a few days to submit schema and stylesheet problems for XML
DevCon 2001 in London. If the workshop instructors use your submission
during the conference, you win a copy of XML Spy.

XML DevCon 2001 has a content-rich technical program with a faculty that
includes Henry Thompson (W3C Fellow), Peter Chen (IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow),
Martin Bryan (DIFFUSE Project), and authors such as Bob DuCharme, Ian
Graham, Elliotte Rusty Harold, G. Ken Holman, Benoît Marchal, JP Morgenthal,
and Simon St. Laurent. There are a variety of eBusiness sessions, including
panel discussions and presentations about ebXML, Web Services, and UDDI.

The program includes presentations by Jonathan Borden, Ron Bourret, Lee
Buck, Alex Chaffee, Mark Colan, John Evdemon, Meike Klettke, Andy Longshaw,
Ingo Macherius, Simon Nicholson, David Orchard, Sebastian Rahtz, Daniel
Rivers-Moore, Michael Rys, Krishna Sankar, Matt Sergeant, Richard Tobin,
Priscilla Walmsley, David RR Webber and other distinguished faculty.


For a free pass to exhibits and special events (keynotes, joint XML UK and
British Computer Society meeting, OASIS XPath/XSLT meeting, vendor

Public submissions (schemas and stylesheets)
Three members of the W3C Schema Working Group (Michael Rys, Henry
Thompson, Priscilla Walmsley) will teach a Schema Workshop. Submit
problem schemas to them by e-mail:


Sebastian Rahtz, Bob DuCharme, Benoît Marchal, and Ken Holman will
present the "Stylesheets and Transformations: Best Practices" workshop on
Thursday, February 22 in London. To submit a stylesheet or problem
description for their workshop:

or browse to: