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XLink and XPointer support in browsers

I am currently trying to establish the level of implementation (or not) of
XLink and XPointer functionality in "user agents".

Netscape 6 provides some simple XLink functionality natively as well as via,
for example, the Adobe SVG Viewer when used to display SVG.

Internet Explorer 5.5 seems to provide no XLink functionality, at present,
even with MSXML3. Am I missing something or is XLink functionality simply
absent from IE5.5? In IE5.5 I can use XLinks when linking SVG pages but not

In Opera 5 XLink support seems to be totally absent, either natively and when
using an SVG viewer.

The W3C web site at http://www.w3.org/XML/Linking claims that Amaya supports
simple XLinks. In my experience it doesn't support code which, for example,
Netscape 6 will display correctly. The Amaya 4.2.1 XLink support is more
apparent than real in my experience hitherto. Am I missing some real

My first question is, "Have I overlooked any signficant XLink functionality
in user agents?".

My second question, is there any beta/pre-release software of IE6 or Opera
5.x or 6 where XLink (or XPointer) is being implemented to which I might get

Thanks in advance.

Andrew Watt