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[ANN] More Info on eXcelon Portal Server 3.0 Beta

Portal Server 3.0 introduces many innovations in XML application
development.  Come take part in our beta program and experience our
scalable, standards-based, and easy-to-use XML application platform.  New
features and enhancements include:

- New XML storage architecture optimized for any scale of XML data
	- Efficiently store any arbitrary XML document (in parsed native format),
regardless of size
	- Scales to millions of XML documents
- Improvements in the Java API
	- Enhanced support for Java data binding
	- New Java XPath API
	- Support for XSLT Java extension functions (avail. in a later beta)
	- Trigger support (avail. in a later beta)
- Enhanced XPath query and XSLT engines
	- Native XPath and XSLT engines built right into the server
	- Powerful indexing and query optimization
	- Up to 10x performance improvement over previous releases
	- Query over millions of documents using eXcelon Binders without
sacrificing performance
- Enterprise Features
	- Single point of administration
	- User management: integrates with existing LDAP-compliant enterprise
	- High availability support: integration with clustering solutions from
Microsoft, Sun, and Veritas
	- Support for J2EE application servers including BEA WebLogic and IBM
	- Integrates with the ATG Dynamo eCRM platform
- The New Stylus Studio
	- Integrated development environment for Portal Server applications
	- Includes the world's first integrated visual XSLT and Java debugger

Find out more about 3.0 and sign up for our beta program at

Thank you,

Chris Parkerson - Product Manager
Portal Server and Development Tools
eXcelon Corporation
Burlington, MA
(781) 674-5393

B2B.  As it was meant to be.