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Announce: "dexribe" technology

I am resending this post, which has somehow failed to reach earlier
My apologies, if multiple messages do finally reach the list

It is a privilege to announce "dexribe", a technology that mimics the human
knowledge system using a structured information approach.

dexribe is a domain-independent and application-independent technology that
provides a natural, dynamic, extensible and adaptable system for gathering,
storing, organizing and sharing knowledge. The knowledge created through
dexribe is through the process of "description", which is a natural and
extensible process. The knowledge created is structured, context-based,
interconnected, re-useable and re-purposeable.

dexribe enables building of knowledge applications that are dynamically
evolving and adapting to changes, with zero or minimum software development.

dexribe is a step towards making the vision of the Semantic web a reality.
It builds on concepts from XML technologies, Topic maps, RDF, Groves, human
memory models, human interactions, knowledge technologies and related areas.
More information about dexribe can be found at

Manoj Acharya