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RE: XML/C++ Integration tools

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need I say more?
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From: ChrisDevich@UB2B.com [mailto:ChrisDevich@UB2B.com]
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2001 18:18
To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Subject: XML/C++ Integration tools

If there are any C++ programmers out there that need
to work with XML, it will be worth a moment of your time
to see how this works.
This example was tested in Linux/Sun/NT
gcc and VCPP makefiles and source are included.
It creates a run time object model from XML input.
A small tight framework allows you to create objects
from an XML input stream.
Download the "XML Integration Toolkit"  800k
here's a small snippit for creating objects from XML input.
   ObjQuery<MyCustomer> qry(&broker, "MYXMLInputFile.xml");
   ObjResultSet<MyCustomer> &resultSet = qry.Execute();
   MyCustomer *pCust;
   while ( ( pCust = resultSet.next() ) != 0 )
    // For each MyCustomer object returned in the query....
here's a small snippit for populating objects that already exist.
MyCustomer m;
or converting an objects state into XML
MyCustomer m;
<MyCustomer> is derived from a simple base class
with a virtual method that defines XML-Object tag mappings. 
MFC Dialogs derived from this type can "UpdateData"
so to say directly from XML into member CStrings that
are DDX bound to the GUI.
CORBA and RougeWave applications in Unix likewise
can serialize directly into RWCStrings and load object
state with almost-no overhead.
enjoy.  any Comments/Suggestions/Questions.......?