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Re: Abbreviated Tag Names (ASN.1)

This is indeed a positive development.  Thanks for the info.  

Would a result of this effort would be that XML would be a standard way to
transform between developer-readable XML and BER|DER|PER data?   Would XML
Schema would be an alternate language to define ASN.1 types?  Or both?

What is the scope for data types?  Many of the interesting data types, such
as certificates, are defined by X.500 series of standards.  There are of
course many other standards that build on ASN.1, so I am curious about the
approach taken to provide extensible support for datatypes.  Will an XML
Schema document be written that corresponds to the ASN.1 notation in each of
the various ITU standards?  If nothing else, it would be a good test for
building modular, layered XML Schemas.  

I checked out the URLs you included and found references to the current
activities you mention.  I'll check back for updates at

take it easy,
Charles Reitzel

At 04:46 PM 2/18/01 +0000, Olivier Dubuisson wrote:
>In my first email, I missed to say that the idea here 
>is to use the ASN.1 module as an XML schema, i.e., a way 
>to validate tag names and data between these tags.
>"Thomas B. Passin" wrote:
>> I'm eagerly awaiting a URL.  I trust good progress has 
>> been made beyond last year's (non-ITU) XML Encoding Rules 
>> that were being worked on.
>The standardized "ASN.1 markup language" will of course
>handle all types provided by ASN.1, which was not the 
>case of the initiative you're mentioning.