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Re: Inheritance and Identity-constraint

Dear Faroukh,

Let me answer your first question.

> 1) in the example below the element "Item1" can be substituted by
> element "Item2". I have defined a key at the root (Project) level with
> a xpath to 'Item1".
> If I substitute "Item1" by "Item2" in my instance document, is the 
> key valid for "Item2" too?

No. Xpath is not schema aware and therefore the key will not 
match Item2.

Best regards,


Claude Seyrat

Expway c/o Acland
18 avenue Georges V
75008 Paris
tel: 33 1 56 62 11 05
fax: 33 1 56 62 11 11
mail: cseyrat@acland.fr