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Uche Ogbuji wrote:
> Not a problem as far as XSLT qua XSLT.  But once you rely on this property
> for standardized  treatment of a grove (term loosely used), which is what
> it seems your XSLT-base dproposal would do, I think you'd need to have
> strict prescription of the mapping  from multiple documents to XSLT source
> for this not to be problematic.  Maybe you already do so in your paper,
> which would, I think, cover my concerns.

I'd think this to be a minor point really. I believe Evan's major point
is just that the majority of XQuery syntax can be easily mapped to XSL-T
and that creating an entirely new syntax may not be the proper thing to
do. Clearly XSLT as it stands now is not fully sufficient to act as a
query language. It seems though, that the changes required would be
minor compared to having to deal with an entirely new language or even
worse two new languages once the XQuery XML mapping is added. I
certainly don't see current XSLT implementations suddenly becoming query
engines, performance just isn't good enough. However, a specialized XSLT
engine that implements a slightly modified spec and has an optimizer to
utilize indexes might be a much simpler way to go. Regardless it would
certainly be able to leverage the vast majority of the work already put
into XSLT vs. starting from scratch on XQuery implementations. The more
I think about it the more I find it a compelling idea but I just have to
wonder if it can be made to perform well enough. 

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