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XSLT Performance (was BLANK)

Kimbro Staken writes
Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2001 6:12 PM

>I certainly don't see current XSLT implementations suddenly becoming query
>engines, performance just isn't good enough. However, a specialized XSLT
>engine that implements a slightly modified spec and has an optimizer to
>utilize indexes might be a much simpler way to go. Regardless it would
>certainly be able to leverage the vast majority of the work already put
>into XSLT vs. starting from scratch on XQuery implementations. The more
>I think about it the more I find it a compelling idea but I just have to
>wonder if it can be made to perform well enough.

My customers have continued using protocols like MQ instead of XML with XSLT
for EAI in integration between components and automated workflow because of
performance issues.  When talking with David Turner (Microsoft), he calls
them "perceived performance issues."  Is performance of XSLT implementations
for largescale EAI/B2B integrations real or perceived?

Lynda Van Vleet
Software Design Engineer