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RE: XML and Queries (not XQL)

Title: RE: XML and Queries (not XQL)

Selberg wrote:

> Are there examples of using XML as a substitute for
> an SQL query? I mean examples of using a DTD to define
> a valid search given as XML as the search criteria in
> a database?

I have seen several approaches to this. None of them seemed all that useful.

> Is it a good idea to make an abstraction of a
> valid database entity in a DTD and make an abstraction of
> a valid search criteria in a DTD? I have searched for such
> examples and I couldn't find any. Maybe the lack of such
> examples is telling me that it is not a way to go. XQL
> is not what we need.

The XML Query Working Group's use cases include "Use Case R" [1], which performs queries on an XML view of a relational database. The use case assumes these views are created automatically.


[1] Use Case R (http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlquery-use-cases#rdb)