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[ANN] Looking for a XSLT debugger?

eXcelon Corporation's Stylus Studio™ is our new integrated development
environment for XML applications built around the award-winning Stylus
Visual XSLT Editor.  Stylus Studio was designed to be the most scalable,
flexible, and useful suite of XML tools on the market for creating the most
demanding XML-based applications.

Features Include:

- The world's first visual XSLT debugger
	- Quickly debug through XSLT with support for variables, watches, and stack
	- Integrated Java debugger: debug Java extension function sources within
- XSLT editor with XML-to-XML mapping capability
	- Visually map between XML schemas
	- Supports Java extension functions
	- Create reusable XSLT templates with the template repository
	- Scenarios: easily work with multiple XML sources when developing XSLT
- Scalable XML Editor
	- Supports large files, even tens of megabytes in size!
	- XPath query support with back mapping capabilities in query results
	- Syntax highlighting and tag completion
	- Auto DTD generation
	- Logical tree and grid views
- DTD and W3C XML Schema editor

Stylus Studio Beta is available now via the eXcelon Corporation website at
http://www.exceloncorp.com/beta/studio.html.  There you will find more
detailed information on Stylus Studio and instructions to register for the
beta program.

Thank you,

Chris Parkerson - Product Manager
Portal Server and Development Tools
eXcelon Corporation
Burlington, MA
(781) 674-5393