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RE: XQuery -- Reinventing the Wheel?

> The XML Query Language MAY have more than one syntax binding. One query
> language syntax MUST be convenient for humans to read and write. One query
> language syntax MUST be expressed in XML in a way that reflects the
> underlying structure of the query. 

I guess there is nothing then that would prevent an XQuery from 
being expressed as (compiled into) an XSLT template.  Interesting
possibility.  Certainly in this process of translating an XQuery
into XSLT stylesheet one would get a deep understanding of both 
technologies and be able to positively affect the evolution of
both specifications.  Looks like a great research project.  It 
would really help "bootstrap" XQuery... as well as provide 
really good documentation.

Thank you Jonathan.  I don't have the time these days to 
look at XQuery, however, with you part of the group, I'm
sure it is being executed well.

Kind regards,