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RE: XQuery -- Reinventing the Wheel?

Jonathan Robie wrote:
>    <$tagname> 
>        <description> $d </description> , 
>        <price> $p </price> 
>    </$tagname> 
>This is an element constructor, not an XML literal. It does
>not need to be valid XML, even though it looks kind of like
>an XML element.
>However, I think it might be easier for people if we *do* 
>make our element constructors virtually identical to normal 
>XML. There would have to be a way to include dynamic parts of
>a query, which probably requires a syntax not 100% compatible
>with XML.

Well, it might not require that. Maybe you could do something like this?

<xq:element name="{$tagname}">
  <description><xq:copy-of select="$d"/></description>
  <price><xq:copy-of select="$p"/></price>

Just a thought,