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Announce Quick4.0.3

Quick is Open Source Software integrating Java and XML with a unified
data model/schema. See: http://jxquick.sourceforge.net

Download at 

4.0.3 Changes: 

Quick now works with JAXP as the default configuration. 

The org.xml.sax classes have been droped from the download--they 
were causing sealing errors when used with JAXP. 

The qjml2java utility has been rewritten to use OCM. 
The qdmlExpand utility was dropping the id accessor--fixed. 

Several bugs in the QJML model have been found and fixed. 

OCMpeerSupport and OCMpeerSupportLite now provide access 
to the peer parent. 

The api for OCMdom has been extended slightly--see OCMattribute 
and OCMelement in the com.jxml.quick.ocm package. 

A new utility, setQdmlRoot, sets the root attribute in QDML and QJML files.