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RE: XQuery -- Reinventing the Wheel?

At 10:50 PM 2/23/2001 -0800, Evan Lenz wrote:

>My intention here is to identify converging semantics, not syntax. What I'm
>wondering is why the models do not converge, when the gap between them seems
>to be narrowing further and further (per the XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0
>requirements docs, especially wrt typing). Maybe the gap *will* close; I
>just don't get the impression that that is a goal of the Query WG. XML Query
>and XSLT seem to have the same requirements in this area (or at least
>proposed requirements). My question is: if the requirements do not differ,
>why should the standards differ (apart from having multiple syntaxes)?

I don't know how many times I should reply to the same assertion that we 
aren't trying to close this gap.

Our XPath 2.0 task force is working together to define both syntax and 
semantics for the path expression language. XQuery will also have some 
syntax that is not in XSLT, and XSLT will have a lot of syntax that is not 
in XQuery (the XML-based syntax).


These are my opinions right now. They may be quite different from the 
opinions of Software AG, the W3C XML Query Working Group, or the opinions 
that I will have after reading and considering your response.