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Cross Posting to XML Query Comments (was Re: XQuery's FLWR expressionvs. XSLT down-reference pull)


PLEASE do not cross-post your XML-Dev messages to the XML Query Comments 
list. The XML Query Comments list is for submitting comments and for the 
Query Working Group provide official feedback. I have recently made the 
mistake of posting several replies to messages in the Comments list, but I 
should not do that, since people might interpret my responses as responses 
from the Query Working Group, and that requires going through the process 
of reaching consensus on the appropriate response, appointing someone to 
write the response, and approving it.

I just repeated my prior mistake because I responded to an XML-DEV message 
without noticing that it was cross-posted to w3c-xml-query-comments. If 
XML-DEV discussions get cross posted to this list, we won't be able to use 
it for its intended purpose, which the XML Query home page identifies as 
follows (http://www.w3.org/XML/Query.html):

The public mailing list for submitting comments on the publications of the 
XML Query wg. This is not a discussion list (so, you can't subscribe), but 
a way for people to provide their comments to the XML Query wg, and for the 
wg to reply. The list is publicly archived at 

Both bandwidth considerations and the need to avoid making my own opinions 
look like Working Group communication dictate that we not copy our XML-DEV 
discussions to the comments list.

Let me be clear, this message is not official communication from the XML 
Query Working Group, and none of my responses to XML-Dev questions 
represent anything other than my personal opinion. You can get replies from 
the Working Group by posting messages to the comments list - but please 
separate that from XML-Dev discussions.


These are my opinions right now. They may be quite different from the 
opinions of Software AG, the W3C XML Query Working Group, or the opinions 
that I will have after reading and considering your response.