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XML Querying Alternatives (was RE: XQuery - The truth comes out!)

Title: XML Querying Alternatives (was RE: XQuery - The truth comes out!)

> GROUP BY, HAVING, subselects in arbitrary places where
> "tuple-lists" are expected", etc.

Right ... this is the kind of stuff that XQuery has that XPath doesn't.  I should have said "existing practice using XML standards", sorry for the confusing wording.

> various  SQL database vendors are pursuing a SQL/XML extension in the
> ANSI committee that may prove attractive to folks with a deep
> investment in  SQL databases or a SQL background who want
> to work with XML querying.

Thanks for bringing up SQLX ... Can anyone comment (officially, unofficially, publicly or privately) about how they see XPath/XSLT/XQuery and SQLX relating to one another?  I think it's pretty clear that XQuery sortof "embraces and extends" XPath ... one could imagine SQLX doing the same thing with XPath. I realize that SQLX is not ready for public display, but what can be said about its requirements, and relationship to the others?  Is XQuery for "documents" and SQLX for "data" perhaps???  Or is SQLX only for those with "deep investments" in SQL technology and unrelated to XML standards-based approaches?

The RDBMS vendors seem to be involved in both the XQuery and SQLX efforts ... are they hedging their bets, or is it just too early to tell whether the specs will compete or not? Is it safe to assume that SQLX.org is "by invitation only", or is wider participation solicited?