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Re: The relentless march of abstraction

Dave Winer wrote:

> About the "potted" business -- I truly am confused by much of what goes on
> here, so it wasn't potted,

No, I meant the article you cited: a brief summary of a one-sided view
of the Infoset.

> I thought I finally got infosets, and was
> excited. I didn't get them? They seem like a DOM but for data, a
> programmatic way to walk a tagged-text-derived tree.

The Infoset is just a model of a document, not a concrete API
like the DOM.

> I wonder how much of what's going on here is an attempt
> to make an arbitrary hierarchy map onto tables.

It isn't.

> Anyway, I've been a hierarchic guy ever since I started programming so many
> years ago.

Me too.  Ailanthus Tree > Stuart II > Stuart > LBBS.

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