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Re: Why 90 percent of XML standards will fail

At 09:28 27-02-2001, Benjamin Franz wrote:
>No one *FORCES* me to comply with the IETF's RFCs (Request For Comments,
>anyone? More political cover for its originating era...), either. (That
>would be treading on the ground of *law*, not standards, BTW - and perhaps
>that is what you believe 'a standard' is - a standard with the force of
>the legal system behind it via trademark or other IP based enforcement
>mechanism. If so, you are mistaken.).

That's exactly what a Standard is.  The situation is a little weaker in the 
US, but in many countries ISO Standards *do* have the force of law.  ANSI 
is an independent organization, but the ISO representatives from other 
countries are often government bodies.

The use of "standard" with a small s isn't as big a deal, but it's still 
useful, IMO, to distinguish between standards produced by international or 
open organizations (ISO, IETF) and specifications (my preferred generic 
term) produced by industry consortia (W3C, OMG, OSF).

Christopher R. Maden, XML Consultant
<URL: http://crism.maden.org/consulting/ >