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Re: SAX-ext Attribute + Entity Parsing


Justin Couch wrote:

> This is what I want to do:
> To create a class that represents both the SAI field interface and the
> DOM attribute I need to provide some mapping service between the name
> and
> the class type. To do this, I've registered myself as a SAX2
> DeclHandler. In this, I have two methods:
>     public void attributeDecl(String element,
>                               String name,
>                               String type,
>                               String defValue,
>                               String value)
Instead of adding methods to the SAX2 classes, have you considered using
the existing ones to pass additional elements/attributes from a specific
namespace to the applications using the existing ones ?

In this case, you would use instead a startElement with a namespaceURI
set to this namespace, a localName set to "attributeDecl" and attributes
containing the name, type, defValue and value.

The applications would then see this as an element:

<xxx:attributeDecl name="..." type="..." defValue="..." value="..."/>

The main benefit from this method is that the additional information
gathered from your documents are passed to the applications using a
common and "standard" API and that you don't need to modify the layer
between these applications and the SAX parser to get them.

For instance, you can directly apply a XSLT transformation on your
documents using this parser and access to the attribute declaration with

I have described a similar application in August last year:

Hope this helps.

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