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Re: more grist

Jonathan Borden wrote:
> As Henry Thompson recently told us in London, the important information that
> the post schema validation infoset adds to the post parse (or pre schema
> validation) infoset is types. Think of schema validation then as simply an
> XSLT which when applied to the infoset, adds types and tags indicating
> validity. It's really surprisingly simple.

I am sorry I have missed this and I wish XSLT could be used to do this

I have no problem with this picture as long as:

a) the mechanism that is used doesn't add constraints to the structures
I can define and allows me to describe the data types I need.


b) The system is kept open and I have alternative choices to do so.

In other words, I find it very difficult to admit that a specification
can restrict the scope of possibilities opened by XML.

See you in Austin (Knowledge Technologies 2001)
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