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Re: Why not reinvent the wheel?

At 09:15 AM 2/26/2001 -0500, Thomas B. Passin wrote:

>So I say, I want a query language that is intended for queries, that is
>compact and readable,  that can produce node-sets (and possibly xml and text
>output), and that can be used for updates and inserts.  Path navigation should
>be as familiar to me as possible, and if it's essentially xpath that's all the

Great summary!

>It sounds to me that this is happening, and I have no complaints - except I
>want it today!

Thanks! We're working as fast as we can while still answering XML-Dev 
emails ;->


These are my opinions right now. They may be quite different from the 
opinions of Software AG, the W3C XML Query Working Group, or the opinions 
that I will have after reading and considering your response.