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RE: A real community service

Tim Bray writes:
>This list contains a lot of people who might go to these
>things, also people who speak at them.  It would be really
>great if somebody would do an honest no-BS breakdown of
>what's good and lousy about these various conferences, also
>how many people are there (really), who actually runs them,
>and so on.  -Tim

Working for a new company that is product rich and money poor, I have
actually started this research for exhibit budgeting purposes.  See
Sorry for the format - I just quickly saved my spreadsheet as a web page.
If xml.com is not interested, I will take this on.  Interested parties can
send me conference information to my personal email and I will publish this
in a better format than the converted spreadsheet.


Lynda Van Vleet
Software Design Engineer