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RE: XML Stylesheet Tool needed

Our new Stylus Studio, now in Beta, can do this quite well ;->
You can find full information on Stylus Studio and get a free download at http://www.exceloncorp.com/beta/studio.html.

Chris Parkerson - Product Manager
Portal Server and Development Tools
eXcelon Corporation
Burlington, MA
(781) 674-5393

-----Original Message-----
From: Sharon Knowles [mailto:sharon@oss.com]
Sent: Friday, March 02, 2001 10:21 AM
To: xml-dev@xml.org
Subject: XML Stylesheet Tool needed

Is anyone aware of an XSL stylesheet tool that can take as input an
already created stylesheet without the associated XML Schema or DTD?  The
objective here is to be able to use such a tool to enrich the stylesheet
(e.g., add logo, descriptive text, etc.) even if the associated XML Schema
or DTD is not available.

Thanks!.. Sharon