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Re: XML Meta-Architecture (Technetcast program of Henry Thompsonkeynote)

This program is now available at:

Thanks to Ken North for providing the tapes.

I have a question for this group - I understand Henry Thompson's 
description of the Infoset and XML data types as providing the formal basis 
for the definition of semantic types that are propagated -and exchanged- 
through XML applications.  I also recently listened to Tim B-L's vision for 
a semantic web based on RDF (also available on TechNetCast -excuse the 
plug).  Can someone clarify for me how both visions fit together?  Thanks 

At 10:46 AM 3/2/01 -0500, Ken North wrote:
>Henry Thompson's "XML Meta-Architecture" presentation last week at XML
>DevCon 2001 in London was quite interesting. For those who missed it,
>you'll soon be able to find it on Technetcast:
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