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Re: Why not reinvent the wheel?

At 09:55 PM 3/1/2001 -0800, Vasileios Papadimos wrote:

>The query processor could propagate the "not-ordered" property to the inputs
>of the unorder operator (so we would only need to mention unorder only once
>in a typical database-oriented query).

Wouldn't you have to mention unorder once for each variable binding in a 
query like the following one?

FOR $sp IN document("sp.xml")//sp_tuple,
     $p IN unordered(document("p.xml")//p_tuple[pno = $sp/pno]),
     $s IN unordered(document("s.xml")//s_tuple[sno = $sp/sno])
       $s/sname ,
    </sp_pair> SORTBY (sname, descrip)

Or am I missing something here?