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RE: Coordination of <script> between SVG, XSLT 1.1 and HTML 4.01

Sorry, I haven't see an implements-uri attribute before which I would assume has identical semantics to the implements attribute I was suggesting.  The XSLT 1.1 working draft had a implements-prefix
attribute and I hadn't been following the XSL-list discussion.

Though using implements-prefix would save an XSLT author some keystrokes, using a namespace prefix instead of an namespace uri to identify script functionality in SVG would make generation of SVG
using XSLT difficult since there is no control over what prefix is assigned to a particular namespace.

Definitely, it is a little circular:

1. SVG could also benefit from allowing redundant implementations of a specific package of behaviors identified by a namespace.
2. XSLT may be used to generate SVG and does not provide a mechanism to output the prefix associated with a namespace.
3. Therefore, a uri should be used to identify the package of behaviors in SVG.
4. XSLT's <script> should be consistent with SVG's script
5. Therefore, XSLT should use a namespace URI instead of a namespace prefix.

I guess what was suggesting was:

<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:foo="http://www.example.com/XSLT-behavior/date-format" ... /> 
              type="application/java-archive" src="jar:http://www.foo.com/bar/baz.jar!/COM/foo/Quux.class" /> 

where the URL format came from the documentation JarURLConnection in the JDK.

I did find a reference for a list of registered media types:


However, media types image/svg+xml and text/ecmascript used in SVG did not appear to be registered nor did application/java-archive.