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Re: About Infosets

At 10:11 AM 3/3/01 -0500, Didier PH Martin wrote:
>Until we have a way to query an infoset with an API forget about the
>processing pipeline.


Lets focus for a moment on the WF XML infoset.  Lets assume
we can agree what is in this thing and have a well defined
data model for it so that SAX and DOM programmers
know exactly where they stand.

Now lets look at DTDs/Schemas. What do those things do?
         Content Model Validation
         Transformation (sprinkling attributes etc.)
         Transclusion (general entities etc.)
         Cross Reference Validation (ID/IDREF)

Now lets think about a world in which (finally!) WF XML to
WF XML transformation can be performed losslessly
on instances that eschew the doctype.

We have SAX/DOM (or whatever) APIs to access the
data model produced by WF parsing.


Defaulting / Fixed Attributes: WF XML -> WF XML
"Entity" transclusion: WF XML -> WF XML
Cross reference validation: WF XML -> WF XML
Content model validation: WF XML -> WF XML
HyTimish Architecture validation: WF XML -> WF XML
HyTimish Architecture transformation: WF XM: -> WF XML
Declarative Transformation with XSLT: WF XML -> WF-XML
Imperative Transformation: WF XML -> WF XML
Styling: WF XML -> WF XML -> Backend non-XML flow objects e.f. RTF

Whats wrong with this picture?