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Re: is that a fork in the road?

"Bullard, Claude L (Len)" wrote:
> We are not forking.  We are on the
> road we've been in for a long long
> time.  We are a lot closer to some
> goals, and others will always move
> as soon as we get to the others.
> That is why they pay us the big bucks.

It's nice and often useful to have a vision that shows the direction and
makes some room for day dreaming.

I am sorry I haven't seen Henry's presentation -the picture of a world
where all will be modeled, typed and classified something I'd have
enjoyed- but now it's time to wake up before the dream turns into a

We have already forked and started leaving guys on the side of the road.

Haven't you heard the screams of RSSer's refusing to use namespaces that
they call buzzwords ?

We can like it or not, but people won't take all the new specs as a
whole and if we don't acknowledge this fact, allow it and facilitate it
through real modularization, the branches will really diverge.

To come back to schemas, some applications don't need types and some
others need types or structures that are not supported by W3C XML

If we cut these applications that will not want or will not be able to
use W3C XML Schema from XSLT, XQuery or other useful stuff, they will
have to reinvent these features and this will be a new fork.


See you in Austin (Knowledge Technologies 2001)
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