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Sean McGrath wrote:

> Let me rephrase that and see if you agree or dis-aggree. You need
> a transformation (adding attribute values to elements) to occur
> after validation. The only "one ring pull" options you have
> are DTD or Schema. You could do it with XSLT or some
> other transformation system but it would involve (as things
> stand now) two ring pulls?


However :) We (the browser implementors) don't want a two or more ring
pull system because that adds extra to the download size. The smaller we
can make things the better and more likely to be accepted our product
will be. Speaking for myself only, I don't even want to use schema
because that just about doubles the download size of the parser code. If
we could just get away with pure DTD then we would have a much greater
chance of acceptance. I would like to use a non-validating parser with
the DTD information to supply the missing bits for the DOM access to
remain spec compliant.

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