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Re: Best way to parse XML data and display in on a browser

On Sun, 4 Mar 2001, S. Jyotinarayan wrote:

> Which are the different ways of displaying XML data on web browsers?
> For the moment, I'm using XSL for formatting the XML file, which I'm
> directly opening in a browser. Could I use JavaScript, JSP, Java etc.
> Which is the best for displaying the data on web browsers?

Well you ask three very similar questions, all can be answered the same.
You need some sort of XML server technology. Here's a simple list of some
that might help:

Cocoon, AxKit, Rythmix, Talva, Zope + HawaithaZ, mod_xslt.

I'm sure a search on google will lead you directly to each's respective
web sites.


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