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Re: TRAX API - where?

| At 14:05 05/03/2001 -0700, Mike Brown wrote:
| >Where is TRAX documented?
| >
| >Don't say http://trax.openxml.org/ -- it's still "temporary down".
| I haven't heard anything from the trax list in ages. Maybe I got
| unsubscibed somehow, but I'm afraid trax might have vanished into the blue.

TRAX has been folded into the Sun JAXP 1.1 spec.


See section 3.3 "XSLT Pluggability".

and the JavaDoc for javax.xml.transform in section 4.

Steve Muench, Lead XML Evangelist & Consulting Product Manager
BC4J & XSQL Servlet Development Teams, Oracle Rep to XSL WG
Author "Building Oracle XML Applications", O'Reilly