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Re: XML Schemas: Best Practices

>     http://www.xfront.com/ExtendingSchemas.html

Interesting.. a good summary, although a motivation for it all would be
nice ;)

>[Editor's Note: This ability to collocate constraints within the XSD >document is a feature of Schematron. As far as I know the other schema
>languages do not have this capability.] 

The comment I have to make on this from the point of view of xlinkit is
that at least for us this is not possible... while you can easily use
our language to check semantic properties of single files, it is really
designed to check constraints _between_ distributed documents, in which
case you do not want the constraints to be embedded in a schema.

Also, embedding constraints within a schema has the advantage that you
cannot "pick and mix" them, i.e. a manager and a developer might apply a
completely different set of constraints to the same file , depending on
their world view.

Christian Nentwich