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How Big is XML?


This is an invitation to participate in a small Online Survey, which is a
part of a BA(Hons) Information Management project on XML and its impact on
content delivery. This part of the project involves collecting opinions from
people with relevant expertise.

We would be very grateful if you could please take a few minutes to
contribute to the survey by providing your views on the subject. It is a
simple online form with a few questions with fields for answers.

All information will be used confidentially and only for academic purposes
within this project. Answers to the form are forwarded to a personal e-mail
account of the researcher, so no other person can access them. Information
is not stored in any database whatsoever.

Looking forward to receiving your input via the Survey Page at:

Kindest Regards,
Alexander Alexeev

P.S. Some links related (in some way) to this project:
The University: http://www.qmuc.ac.uk/
The Course: http://arts.qmuc.ac.uk/usr/baim/
Alexander's Website: http://arts.qmuc.ac.uk/usr/ci97alex1/diss/