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Re: an xsl/xpath question re attribute qualifiers


I was, and remain somewhat, confused by the analogies and differences in
the respective grammars in REC-xslt-19991116 and REC-xpath-19991116. I
mistook the XSLT (Pattern , LocationPathPattern, ...) formulation for
XPath's ( LocationPath , (AbsoluteLocationPath | RelativeLocationPath ) )...

I surmise I should understand it to be more like XPath's (UnionExpr,
PathExpr, ...).

Is that correct?

David Carlisle wrote:
> > 2a. For example, I am wondering how something like the id and key
> > anchors from the xslt description best fit into the xpath grammar.
> id() and key() are XPath functions added to the XPath initial context by
> Xpath and XSLT respectively. So you don't need to change the grammar for
> them: they match the production FunctionCall from the XPath spec.