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Re: SAX InputSource and character streams

Mike Brown writes:

 > My question was, when supplying a character stream to the parser, is it
 > reasonable to expect that the parser will not complain if the encoding
 > declaration says the encoding is (was) something the parser does not
 > support?

 > XML seems to assume that every parsed entity that a processor encounters
 > consists of encoded characters (bytes, essentially), whereas in practice
 > we obviously have parsers that accept the entities as characters.

Hmm -- I can see two reasonable arguments here:

1. With a Java character stream, there's no way to know what the
original encoding might have been, so the encoding declaration is

2. A Java character stream is presented (more-or-less) in UTF-16, so
the encoding declaration, if present, should agree with that.

All the best,


David Megginson                 david@megginson.com