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Re: Personal reply to Edd Dumbill's XML Hack Article wrt W3C XML Schema

"W. E. Perry" wrote:
> There is however an 'instance' typed infoset
> which might be elaborated from the specific processing of any XML
> document on a given occasion and which might usefully be the basis for
> further processing. A sequence of such instance infosets could be
> pipelined between processes which might be coupled in unique sequences in
> order to accomplish data (or document) processing specifically suited to
> the circumstances in which it is executed. 

I like this vision that is so coherent with the processing model of XML
through pipelines of XSLT transformations.

This is adding value without breaking anything!

The typed infoset could be adding elements and attributes in a specific
namespace in order to use the existing APIs and applications rather than
inventing new ones.

<myelement xmlns="http://example.org/ns/myns"/>

could then become something like:

<myelement xmlns="http://example.org/ns/myns" 

Any tool (including a XSLT transformation) would then be able to
generate and use such an infoset...

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