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Personal reply to Henry S. Thompson


I agree that all three parts of XML Schema are useful, although
being a simpleton, I find part 0 more useful than part 1 or 2.

Yes, there are people who have already used XML Schema and used
it successfully.  Not really surprising since XML Schema is
definitely an improvement over good ol' DTD.

However, your reply is missing the main point made by Edd Dumbill's
article (http://www.xmlhack.com/read.php?item=1097) which is:

  XML Schema is controversial.

Is it wise for W3C to publically recommend a controversial spec?
Remember that this is a spec controversial enough to birth three
other proposals, two of which were submitted to competing standard

About six months ago, a friend of mine was told by her son's teacher
that her son is not ready for the second grade and should repeat the
first grade.  This was extremely painful for her to hear and she was
both embarrassed and upset for quite a long time.  In the end, she
moved her son to another school as a first grader.  Today, her son is
happy and top of his class.

It is my opinion that XML Schema must take the first grade again.


Don Park