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Re: A Call for Dialogue on XML Schema Part 1 and 2

You make good points.  But isn't it possible to define new types that *do* contain localized date, number and currency formats?  Documents would be free to use these types and a standard schema "processor" can work with these types.  Or am I missing something?

At 10:28 AM 3/13/01 +0800, Rick Jelliffe wrote:
>From: Eric van der Vlist <vdv@dyomedea.com>
>>This is better than I feared, but even so, why couldn't I use a
>>different date format or decimal separator in the transfer syntax ?
>>Because it's a bad practice for international exchange formats doesn't
>>mean it's a bad practice in all the other cases.
>To be clear, it is not a universally-accepted principle of
>that data should be sent in some transnational format.  To the contrary,
>there is wide-spread belief that there is nothing wrong if it is easier to
>send data across the room (i.e. in a locale-specific format) rather than
>across the world (i.e. in a transnational format.)   The use of
>formats increases the work that a PDA must do.  In a 3-layer system,
>it is not inappropriate for the database to use transnational formats,
>the client to use  localized formats, and the middleware to do the
>So, from that perspective, XML Schemas is biased either to be the back-end
>schema language (database <-> middleware) or against lightweight clients. If
>XForms has to include localizing behaviour, I think that is an unfortunate
>compensation for XML Schema's over-simplicity (!) in this area.
>It comes down to the fundamental issue of what a schema language is for. XML
>Schema's view of a schema language is not "how can we express or constrain
>idiomatic markup languages?" but "how do we assign and derive (ultimately
>storage-based) types?"
>Rick Jelliffe
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take it easy,
Charles Reitzel