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RE: What is "server-safe HTTP"?

MSXML 3.0 SDK --

"Unlike XMLHTTP, ServerXMLHTTP does not rely on WinInet for HTTP.
ServerXMLHTTP uses a new HTTP client stack. Designed for server
applications, this "server-safe" subset of WinInet offers the following

- reliability 
The HTTP client stack offers longer uptimes. WinInet features that are not
critical for server applications, such as URL caching, auto-discovery of
proxy servers, HTTP/1.1 chunking, offline support, and support for Gopher
and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) protocols are not included in the new HTTP
- security
The HTTP client stack enforces that a user-specific state cannot be shared
with another user's session. Note that ServerXMLHTTP does not provide
support for certificates.

The maximum number of instances that can exist simultaneously within a
single process is 5,460. A similar limitation applies to the XMLHTTP
component. However, other factors, such as available memory, CPU processing
capacity, or available socket connections can further limit the number of
instances that can be active simultaneously. Partition the server
application into multiple processes if this limit becomes a bottleneck."

//Any hints or URLs on what is "server-safe HTTP", 
//as supported in MSXML 3?