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Re: XML Schemas: Best Practices

Hi Folks,

I have several announcements:

[1] Best Practice Homepage:  I have created a homepage containing all of
our work:


[2] Updated Material: Based upon our recent discussions (especially on
Default Namespace) I have updated all the online material and examples. 
In so doing I fixed a lot of typos, clarified things, etc.

[3] Download Online Material Plus Schemas: I have zipped up all the
online discussions, along with the schemas and instance documents that
are referenced in the online material.  Now you can download all this
material and run all the examples.

[4] Download Best Practice Book:  I have put the Best Practice material
into book form.  You can download this book and print it out.

Whew!  That was a lot of work.  I hope that you find it beneficial.
Thanks again for all your input into these discussions.  In a few days I
would like to start up again our discussions on Creating Extensible
Schemas.  /Roger