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Re: advocating XML

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Paul T wrote:

> You have used XSLT as a general purpose language. There are some
> people who do that. They do that for fun, I think, because those who
> have real-life experience in maintaining XSLT systems should know
> that it eventually turns into nightmare. For many reasons. Most of
> the reasons why XSL programming is harmful, have been explained by
> Mr. Leventhal 2 years ago (and I admit that at that point of time I
> was blind enough not to understand what he was talking about.)

Do you have a pointer to Mr. Leventhal's explanation?

> Not only you'd write this set of converters faster ( because you be
> using a general-purpose language *which xslt is not* ), but what you
> produce will be *correct* , easy to *debug* and *really*
> error-prone.

You didn't really mean what you just wrote, did you?

Bob Kline