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Re: Request for a poll: (was RE: Datatypes vs anarchy)

[Rick Jelliffe]
>Do I detect that, despite a year passing since SML managed to divert a lot
>of high-quality people's attentions from Schemas, people are still madly
>keen to ignore the things they can change and fart around with things they

I'm trying to understand why I am in a minority. That is my
primary motivation for seeing the results of the poll.
Many people I have total respect for do not see the problems
I see. One conjecture is that this is because they are doing
things differently and perhaps I need to change the
way I work. Another is that I am terminally stupid.
Either way, I would learn something from a poll.

I'm going to send a follow up post with a use case
I see as common and problematic. Perhaps this
will help me to figure this all out...