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virgin xml user

We are just investigating the usage of XML in our business & I am
stomping madly into the unknown

I have a basic schema for some data I wish to send
I have some XML formatted data that I believe adheres to the schema

I can read the XML via the XMLDOM document object

I believe that this validates that the message is correct XML ??

I now need to know how I apply my schema to the data
to check that it still remains correct

I am having some trouble finding documentation on how to do this
does anyone know ??

Howard Kidd
	Mobile	+44 7973 839833
@ Syntegra
	Tel	+44 1932 773574
@ Diamond Software Systems
	Tel 	+44 20 83351941
@ Home
	Tel 	+44 20 83982856


Check us out at http://www.syntegra.com