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Re: XML tool kit recommendation for novice developer

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, Ronald Allen wrote:

> Hi all,
>   I am a novice XML developer, and I want to develop stand alone web
> applications using XML.  I haven't decided on a xml tool set to use as
> of yet.  I wanted to now what tools you are using and if you know of
> an evalution list of XML tool sets.

There's a massive range of options...

First you can build your own toolkit, using the massive range of available
options. How you do this depends where your current web skills lie (Java,
ASP, Perl, etc).

The for pre-built solutions, at the zero cost end of the range, there is
AxKit (see .sig) and Cocoon.  There are a number of other frameworks that
support XML in some way or another (see my talk at
http://xml.sergeant.org/xmldevcon/ossweb/slides.html), but I think AxKit
and Cocoon are much more focussed on implementing standards than most of
the other options, and are more flexible when it comes to using XML. See
http://axkit.org and http://xml.apache.org/cocoon/ for more details.

Then there seems to be a huge leap up to high priced commercial software,
of which I can list off the top of my head: Rythmix, Xpedio, Documentum,
Oracle, Excelon, and probably a number of vendors who I have forgotten.
Expect to pay somewhere in the 5-6 figure range for these solutions.


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