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Re: Attributes and enumerations

At 16:12 2001 03 15 -0500, Richard Knapp wrote:
>In 3.3.1 of the 6 Oct, 2000 spec there is a line (bottom of page 27) saying:
>"For interoperatibility, the same Nmtoken should not occur more than once in the enumerated 
>attribute types of a single element." 
>Does this mean I can't do the following?
><!ATTLIST Options
>	Color (Yes | No) "No"
>	Bold (Yes | No) "No"
>	Italic (Yes | No) "No">
>or am I misunderstanding the meaning of 'element'?

It means you're misunderstanding the word "should" :-)

You properly understand what is being discussed--your example is
a case in point that, for interoperability, *should* not occur.
(This is because such stuff is illegal in pre-WebSGML SGML.)
However, "should" doesn't mean "must not."

I'm not sure what the various parsers would say about your code.
They shouldn't give an error, but they may give a warning (or
they may just quietly handle it).