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RE: Request for a poll: (was RE: Datatypes vs anarchy)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ronald Bourret [mailto:rpbourret@rpbourret.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2001 8:00 PM
> To: xml-dev
> Subject: Re: Request for a poll: (was RE: Datatypes vs anarchy)
> [...]
> As somebody who wrote a paper about mapping the other way (XML schemas
> to object and database schemas) I can plainly say that I 
> still wish for
> less. I wrote the paper because I feel that, regardless of my personal
> opinion, XML schemas offer enough useful functionality and are usable
> enough that my customers are likely to use them, which means 
> that I need
> to support them.

I agree completely with these sentiments, and though I wish for less, we are
fully committed here to supporting XML Schema and are definitely moving in
that direction.

(And I do want to read your paper; I've just been too busy. Hopefully this