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Re: Request for a poll: (was RE: Datatypes vs anarchy)

From: Michael Brennan <Michael_Brennan@Allegis.com>

>Note that the model, in this case, describes the application-level data
>is the ultimate goal; it is not a schema for the inbound XML. The input
>rules, in this implementation, also serve as a lightweight schema for the
>XML. I know this is different from what you had in mind, but I think I see

This is like the XForms approach too.  Of course, there is all sorts of
layering and unlayering that we can do. In the XForms approach the "model"
really is the schema for the document transfer, so it is not a conceptual
model directly (unless the equivalent conceptual model actually would form a
tree, in which case it is a conceptual model :-).