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[Zvon] An article: About Multimodal ZVON

Jiri Jirat have just published at Zvon an article:
About Multimodal ZVON
http://www.zvon.org/Documents/d1/MultimodalZvon.html (available in HTML
and PDF versions)

Multimodal ZVON is a demonstration
of a site powered by XML/XSLT technology. 
The same XML sources have been used to create several
different output formats (including graphics). 
Moreover, a sophisticated search and a site map
have been very easily implemented, since all sources are XML.

BTW: Following recent discussion I would say that this article
     demonstrate that it has its merit to keep everything in XML

BTW 2: Of course I personally do generate quite a few XML files from the
plain ones :)

<firstName> Miloslav </firstName>    
<surname>   Nic      </surname>     

<mail>    nicmila@idoox.com    </mail>   
<support> http://www.zvon.org  </support>